Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Hair Goodies

My youngest had a great time finding or making unique outfits and hair styles - if it's glittery, lacy, has feathers, beads or anything funky or fun, odds are she'll be working it into an outfit for herself.

I'm planning on doing some sorting and organizing in the bathroom today, and one reason it's becoming vital is that she needs an full drawer for her hair do-dads securely away from our curious cat.

So of course... what we need around here are more hair do-dads!

Over at Funky PolkaDot Giraffe, there are some really cute Halloween colored floral hair clips being given away.  Look at these:

This lovely black rose is attached to a clear headband - very elegant and cute!   Deanna would wear this a lot, except I would hide it and keep it for myself.  Mom's privilege!

Not only is this nicely gothic for Halloween dress-ups, but wouldn't that be pretty with a chic black holiday gown for the Christmas season?

Now, this little beauty is pure Deanna - bright orange, the little trio of pearl beads hiding inside.  It's a hairclip, so it can be attached to all manner of hair styles.
Very cheerful and fun - hmm.... if I had these, I might have to hide that one too, unless she's very very nice to me.

Do you know someone looking for some fun floral headwear for October?  Go sign up for the giveaway! Before I have time to find a hiding place!

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