Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wheat Belly Challenge Day Three

Pain/Energy ~
Still a lot of tenderness especially first thing in the morning.  Standing up and sitting down continue to be very difficult, but less pain while 'at rest'.  Still thinking this may be more about low humidity than anything.

Meal Log ~

Cheese omelet with salsa.

I am enjoying eggs for breakfast done scrambled - I've always preferred over easy with toast and hash browns or grits (which I could still have, but a scrambled egg is fast and really satisfying).


Cheese cubes and olives and a handful of nuts - lunch was more about noshing than anything sit-down.


So, this time, no dinner because I just plain wasn't hungry. We're both noticing a big downturn in appetite, but not in the sense of not enjoying what we're eating - just not feeling so hungry.  I'm settling into 2 meals a day, and no huge portions or need for seconds.

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