Monday, September 17, 2012

Wheat Belly Challenge Day Four

Pain/Energy ~
Woke up hard today - not good because I've got a meeting to attend at 10am, and another to attend tonight, which means I need to be functional, dressed for the public (not a small thing when you have difficulties working fasteners or lifting your arms overhead), and in decent spirits.

Had Michael help me get dressed before leaving for work.  Fortunately, by the time my ride got here the worst pain had receded, though moving was slow.

Meal Log ~

I didn't eat before leaving - there were various snacks available at the meeting, and almost all of them were some sort of wheat based goodie.  Out of all the cookies and other snacks, the ones that were the most tempting were the Fig Newtons - that made me laugh since the rest were homemade and looked great.  But I stuck to sliced apples and only felt light pangs of deprival.

After the meeting, a few of us decided to go out to lunch - this turned into a real temptation day!  We chose the same Greek restaurant Michael and I had eaten at the week before - I had a souvlaki platter without the pita.

Dinner wasn't til later in the evening, and we had brats and cabbage.  We get our brats from a local vendor at the Farmer's Market and they taste wonderful. We normally simmer in beer, but since that's wheat based (now this is where I feel deprived!), we used homemade chicken broth instead.  It worked fine.

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