Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh no, a cold!

The meds I am reintroducing into my system include, as a deliberate purpose, a suppression of the immune system.  This is because Rheumatoid Arthritis (which some are pushing for a name-change to Rheumatoid Auto-Immune Disorder, to more accurately reflect what it is) is a runaway immune system that is blind to what is friend and what is foe.

The resulting immune suppression makes me very susceptible to contagions flying around.  I've felt better after being on them - so I've been out in public more often - so.... I guess catching a cold was inevitable, wasn't it?

I started feeling it Monday night, but went straight into denial (I don't WANNA cold!).  I didn't sleep at all well that night, and woke up with a sore throat, body ache, and sleep deprivation - and still in denial that I was under attack by a virus.  By yesterday mid-morning, when my throat was raw and I could barely speak, I couldn't deny it anymore.  And then I sat down for a second and fell asleep for nearly 5 hours (thank you, body, for forcing me to sleep).

Nothing I planned to do happened.  Dinner didn't happen - Michael fended for himself and made me up several cups of soothing tea, and helped me get the brisket for this weekend brined.

His tea was my lifesaver, and I'm sipping it today as I type.  No picture, because I'm sick (I mean, "I'm siiiiickkkk....whine....), but this is the only thing not making me want to claw my throat out of my neck:

Honey Mint Tea with Lemon

Brew a cup of mint tea.  Add some lemon juice and honey.  I don't know how much -ask Michael.  Better yet, just ask him to make it for you. If you need  this you're sick and should be getting babied.  Read a book. One with easy words.

Ok, that didn't turn into a recipe at all, now did it?

The cold has moved from dribbling down my throat to pouring out my nose - which is progress, even if it is gross.  I'm hopeful it won't stick around for too long.

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  1. Poor you :(
    Pouring out your nose is good, better than stuck in.
    Hope you're feeling better soon!